R.I.P Rest In Peace, not what I prefer to say

I made my own acronym R.W.A

Rest With Angels because that where Nikki is 

In heaven chilling laugh like we expect she is

I dedicate this excerpt to Nikki My Friend

Excuse me as I Gather Myself I'm about to begin

- In Loving Memory of Nicole Elizabeth Thorton

R.W.A my friend

I say this to a patna, a sister, a woman...a queen

To many people she meant many things

She was joy, she was strength, she was laughter... she was.. Nikki

Loved everything NOLA, and with her friends she was picky

Loved the Saints, Gumbo, LSU and the Spelman Queen she was

She was gift to our group  she always poured out love

Always smiling, always helping always making sure we never felt her pain

Always being that Future Auntie, sometimes calling us by our first last and middle name

Nikki bright Green Eyes, ever vibrant style

Could swag on if you if she wanted to, but you'll never forget her smile

R.W.A I'll miss you We all will

There is a Nikki shaped hole in all our hearts we have to fill

We will learn to heal but this poem is where I start

I have so many memories but right now they blur and I can't pick them apart

Who's gonna play the old jams in Courtney's Basement

Who's gonna hook us up with the Gumbo I can still taste it

Who's gonna say Im Screaming when we get together and cut up

Who's gonna kick us out the kitchen because our plates were full enough

Who's gonna team up on Marcus with Brandi?

Who's gonna make sure the whole team is happy?

Who's gonna be the little sis that the whole squad was going to defend?

You see it was going to be like that Bad Boys 2 scene except.. times ten

Who's gonna be the glue to our many pieces

Who's going to get stronger as our strength decreases

 I can't thank you enough for the love, joy, memories...For it all

Because you didn't break 5'5 ft but your spirit was unimaginably tall

See You Later My Friend But Until that Day

Nicole Elizabeth Thorton R.W.A