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Drake - God's Plan

Migos - Superstars


Sagun - I don't want to say too much 


Popcaan - Rich N Bad 

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Splash! - Napalm Water

Hthaze - Cirrus - Mad Unfortunate

Cwilltooill - Loveless

PhotoMixtape Concrete Jungles

Have Camera Will Travel lol. But really these are the pix caught by myself while walking around New York simple but pleasant as the city has so much authenticity that you would want to capture.

Shout to New York - "Concrete Jungles where dreams are made of - Alicia Keys

PhotoMixtape - Concrete Jungles




So I went to New York to bring in 2018 and it was cool. But the experience that you see on T.V. and what actually happens are 2 very different things. 

To keep it a buck, I saw the ball drop for all of 4 seconds as it dropped out of my sight. But the whole magical experience kind of went over my head. My toes were frozen, my hands took 20 minutes to dethaw and as soon as 2018 came in, the packed rows of people outside to see the ball drop were making mad dashes to the nearest club, hotel, restaurant or any center of warmth.

All in all, NYC was fun, but buyer beware, you have to have paid reservations to stand outside in the cold to get a good spot OR stand outside for 5 hours with no access to warmth or bathrooms to get a decent viewing of the ball drop.

Hotel location does not matter. Our hotel was legit on the corner of times square and we had to walk out and go down 5 blocks to see the ball drop and we left our hotel at 9:00 PM.

But I'm not here to complain, New York is an amazing city, just got to be there when it's warmer, I have deeper pockets and have more time! 

Next year I'm bringing in the New Year in the Carribean or On a Boat! 

God's Paint Brush Signing Off


Merry Christmas- NY Bound & Reflection

2017 has been a fun year, a learning year, a year filled with doing me and living with the consequences and honestly they haven't all been good. But today the 26th of the December is the first day of grind mode.

2018- Have a pilot to produce, Honors Project to finish, Spring Break 2k18, the expansion of Abstrakt Xxcellence Studios and growth. God has guided me through some trials , and now has equipped me with physically to blaze that path...and all I have to do is listen and apply. And I can do that.

God Bless Yall!

Stay Tuned

Stay Blessed

& Watch Him Paint.

Timless & In The A, Lil Bro Bda

So myself, Risky and my camera went out on an adventure and found a cotton field and well the rest is history. Photomixtape Timeless in now up also, I'm in the ATL from now until... so hit my line via the connect page if you want to collab or DM via social media!

Also my lil brother Torrion turned the big 1-8 yesterday and i couldn't be more proud of that young bull making his way into thee new world!

Stay Tuned

Stay Blessed

and as Always 

Watch Him Paint


So amongst other things did a minor update but I encourage you guys all to go to the Abstrakt Xxcellence Studio Page and check out Kie Birthday/Dance Video

I wish you a Happy Birthday Babygirl and hope you can enjoy your day in the A!

In the meantime my Pilot of the Veil has gotten green lit so applications for cast & crew are up here and I hope all of you have a blessed Monday.

Also PhotoMixtape Grad Szn 17 is enroute!

Stay Focused 

Stay Blessed

& as always Watch Him Paint!

Graduation Pixx & GradSzn * Poem

Fall Twenty Seventeen

The Semester is now over 

This hangover of this stage is now eternally sober

The Real world Real life people try to tell you get ready

As if college was always sweet  , and you had happy parties of confetti 

My current friends, my future trailblazers ain’t no fear 

You’re closer to your dreams than before you came here

The Zaxbys was Wing Cafe,  Rudys wasn’t where you got a cut 

RIP to Primetime & Platinum we really missed  y’all but

Its take to dawn the cap & gown relish in your stolls,

Take those “momma I made It snaps” & crank out them strolls 

Pour Up 

Shot up

As this Trademark is something they can never take from you

I know I’m not the only when they say I’m proud of you. 

Shoutout to the new day Alumni celebrate for this 1 reason

You’re the stars of Graduation Season. 

- Xxcerpt From Xxay




The Veil - It’s now in motion

The Movie that myslef Sterling & DJ pitches just got green light in its original form. I wasn’t going to blog but that’s a bad practice. But long story short we are here! I know yesterday i said i was going to post some grad photos but there was some rain so that dream couldn’t happen but i should have some Portraits mañana 😁.  


As always Stay Focused & Stay Blessed WatchHimPaint  



Dang...School is Hectic

So I am sitting in the IT building contemplating life and school, and all that I am at the moment. 

It's just for the fact, that this semester I have been challenged every possible way. Mentally, Physically, Spiritually and Academically. And it's crazy that at the end of this trying semester at the end of it all...I'm finding myself catch my stride and really take the moves to really elevate to the next level and I really didn't have nothing to do with it. Like God kept me from wrecking myself and somehow someway I am intact and he is still using me.

But that's pretty much it yall.

God's paintbrush Signing out stay tuned for some grad photos tomorrow 

Watch Him Paint 

Website is Finally Up

Well the website is finally up...

The Website is Finally Up yesterday I collabed with Mill View Media, Dyverzion Dance Team and Kie.Mitch to shoot a concept video based off N.E.R.D. & Rihanna Lemon.

I'm in the lab with it as we speak about to piece it together.

This is my very first blog post so im going to try this out and see where it goes. 

Yall Stay Blessed & Stay Tuned & Watch Him Paint