Abstrakt Xxcellence Studios LLC was founded in May of 2018, in Lawrenceville, GA. Xxavier Robertson, CEO and Lead Freelancer of Abstrakt Xxcellence Studios, established the company as part of his personal mission to tell the untold stories through the best way he knows how: video, photo and graphic design. As a result of his persistence and God’s overall covering, Abstrakt Xxcellence Studios has served over 20 different projects or brands during in its inaugural year of operation and is building more relationships in the Southeast Region of the United States.

CEO and Lead Freelance Xxavier (Xxay) Robertson

CEO and Lead Freelance Xxavier (Xxay) Robertson

Witness God’s Art?

Witness God’s Art is the motto based on a biblical principle found in 1 Corinthians 15;10, or Phillipians 4:8-9. It’s not the person who does great things alone, but working and confiding in God is what makes that person transcend human limitations. So it is not Abstrakt Xxcellence Studios art, but it is God’s art within us that allows us to create these masterpieces for His glory and your satisfaction.

About the CEO

Xxavier Robertson is a production and hospitality professional. Known as X, X Man, Double X, Xxay (pronounced Zay) , Robertson knew he had great branding built into his name, and upon his last semester attending Georgia Southern University, he knew what to do with it. Robertson graduated as a honor scholar with a B.B.A of Business Administration in Hospitality Management, and B.S of Multimedia Film Production in May 2018. Robertson knew that the best way combine his business and creative skillset and accomplish his mission was to create his own business. With Abstrakt Xxcellence Studios established, Robertson executed and learned at a rapid rate. However, the rapid rate would catch up with Robertson and cause him to sit down.

In November 2018, Robertson had suffered from near fatal blood clots in his right lung. Without Robertson in the trenches, AXS was halted in it tracks. However in February, Robertson had a made a full recovery and was cleared to resume his duties,and now looks to rebuild Abstrakt Xxcellence Studios from the ashes with a stronger conviction to tell the untold stories of the world.



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Portrait Shoot (Camera Related)– We can shoot, your family, you or the company’s executive photos

Retouching – The ability to color correct using frequency separation & remove blemishes from skin

Product Shoot (Camera Related) – Ability to capture products for promotional purposes

Event Coverage (Camera Related) – Ability to capture key moments for events.

Journalistic Coverage (Camera Related)– Ability to capture high quality unedited images related to a story and send them to editors for use

Photo Manipulation –The ability to manipulate color, skin, textures of photos

Software Capabilities

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Lightroom


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Video Recording (Camera Related) - The Ability to capture & cover events using camera equipment

Motion Graphics – The ability to create or manipulate templates for smooth modern movement & transitions

Assembly, Logging – The ability to log footage, and assemble a coherent story in a timeline

Software Capabilities

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe After Effects

Color Correction– The ability to make sure that all footage can fit the same color profile

Lighting – The ability to light a set and capture the images and moments desired

Graphic Design

Logo Creation –The ability to read a proof and generate a brand appropriate logo

Flier Creation –The ability to read a proof and generate a brand appropriate flier

Graphic Creation – The ability to create original graphics or icons for brand

Software Capabilities

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Indesign

Adobe Illustrator

Powerpoint slide or deck creation – The ability to create a slide deck to be used in presentations

Professional Document Creation – The ability to create professional templates or document for re use