Current Projects

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Currently we are working with A3C Music Festival as a Junior Graphic Designer helping to create graphic design materials for marketing purposes.

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Red Panther Productions is an independent film company that has hired our CEO, Xxavier Robertson as 1st Assistant Director and Writer for Ebony and Ivory Approaching festival circuits (Fall 2019). and Lead Writer for Misery’s Artwork coming Spring 2020.

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Savage Production has enlisted the help of Abstrakt Xxcellence Studios to do a video event recap for a fashion show that took place last week. Abstrakt Xxcellence Studios is now apart of the Savage Productions post production team.

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@4Risk is a clothing apparel brand established in 2018. They have hired Abstrakt Xxcellence studios to produce graphic design fliers as well as cover the 24 Risk Brunch Expo coming up August 25th.

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LyteLyfe is a series of stories that take place in a dystopian Cyberpunk future. LyteLyfe focus is to create a universe of distinct and relatable characters, while telling a compelling story that can engage the masses. Written by our CEO, Xxavier Robertson, Lytelyfe brings people of color to life in a dystopian and untapped setting.

LyteLyfe end goal is to become an animated series. However the focus for Abstrakt Xxcellence Studios is refining and revising the first season of scripts, and is looking to commission artist to draw some of the characters. Lytelyfe will be an ongoing project for the Summer, Fall and Winter of 2019.


Abstrakt Xxcellence Studios has produced a web series called Gianni’s Kitchen for IGTV and Youtube purposes to help Local Chef Gianni Camacho create some traction for his talents.

AXS has produced the logo, teasers and episode in full for the production

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Abstrakt Xxcellence Studios is working the Dr. Jacquie brand as a content creator and digital strategist. AXS has revamped the logo, created content for IG, Youtube and Facebook and is the last stages of implementing an email campaign.