So I went to New York to bring in 2018 and it was cool. But the experience that you see on T.V. and what actually happens are 2 very different things. 

To keep it a buck, I saw the ball drop for all of 4 seconds as it dropped out of my sight. But the whole magical experience kind of went over my head. My toes were frozen, my hands took 20 minutes to dethaw and as soon as 2018 came in, the packed rows of people outside to see the ball drop were making mad dashes to the nearest club, hotel, restaurant or any center of warmth.

All in all, NYC was fun, but buyer beware, you have to have paid reservations to stand outside in the cold to get a good spot OR stand outside for 5 hours with no access to warmth or bathrooms to get a decent viewing of the ball drop.

Hotel location does not matter. Our hotel was legit on the corner of times square and we had to walk out and go down 5 blocks to see the ball drop and we left our hotel at 9:00 PM.

But I'm not here to complain, New York is an amazing city, just got to be there when it's warmer, I have deeper pockets and have more time! 

Next year I'm bringing in the New Year in the Carribean or On a Boat! 

God's Paint Brush Signing Off