Dodging Death

Good Afternoon, Morning or Evening,

I am writing to you guys a man who has been humbled in the last 2 months.

I walked, I chased my dreams and I almost died, when I was so close to flying.

I had to sit back and watch my funds decrease, my bills increase and God himself keep me afloat.

I was humbled. I was angry. I was questioning every single thing that I worked so hard to achieve in the last 6 months because it all came crashing down.

I now know I have a blood disorder. I know God gave me a purpose and I am going to achieve this purpose in spite of this blood disorder, in spite of starting over and in spite of the plans that have went awry.

I am recalibrated, refocused and realigned back to my mission purpose and I am ready to serve.

I welcome to watch this journey of rebuilding and surpassing my wildest dreams in God’s name

For God is An Artist

The World is His Canvas

I am His Paintbrush

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