WE'RE BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!! and with a new photomixtape!!!

So After a week of fighting sickness before Spring Break

Spring Break

and a weeks of being a swamped with school work after Spring Break, and turning 23

I'm right back at you with a Spring Break Recap featuring myself and Free Blow the name of the squad!

Scroll thru the Come Party With Us Mixtape as we celebrate Aries Season 

Stay Tuned

Stay Blessed

Watch Him Paint!!!!!!!!!!!!


Timless & In The A, Lil Bro Bda

So myself, Risky and my camera went out on an adventure and found a cotton field and well the rest is history. Photomixtape Timeless in now up also, I'm in the ATL from now until... so hit my line via the connect page if you want to collab or DM via social media!

Also my lil brother Torrion turned the big 1-8 yesterday and i couldn't be more proud of that young bull making his way into thee new world!

Stay Tuned

Stay Blessed

and as Always 

Watch Him Paint